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In 1952, The Charity Guild, along with a group of community leaders, organized the Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) to serve and support abused children in Broward County. At the time there was no place for these children to receive the help they needed. The Charity Guild raised money for the CRS to support the treatment facility that provided a safe, caring environment for these children, ages 8 to 15, to live in, as well as give them the support services they needed.

By the end 1958, this facility had closed. The CRS knew there was still a need in the community for a safe place for abused children. Late in 1959, they began to look for a house that would serve as a group care center. They wanted to create a warm, loving and secure home environment with foster parents, where six to ten children would live and receive the support and services they needed.

The first child came to live in the house on August 15, 1960. A second house was established in 1967. The residences were named the ‘Twig House’ inspired by the lines of Alexander Pope – “This education forms the common mind – Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.” The CRS changed it’s name to the Twig House in 1984.

The Charity Guild continued it’s support of the Twig Houses’ when they merged with Outreach Broward, which served emotionally challenged children as well. Then, in 1999, Kids In Distress (KID) purchased the Twig House’s and The Charity Guild still supports KID to this day.

In 1991, The Charity Guild decided to choose a second children’s charity to support in addition toKID. After extensive research, The Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC) was chosen. They serve medically fragile children and their families in Broward County.

In 1952, our charter members created The Charity Guild to help children in our community. We are proud to be continuing this mission, 60 years later.

We are still an all volunteer organization of women, many of whom work, who are dedicated to the ideals of The Charity Guild and continuing its’ mission. There are even some second generation members, all working hard to support, serve and care for the children and families in our community who need it the most.


Appreciation to our Charter Members

Mrs. William G. Wynn (Emily)
Mrs. Joseph M. Byrd (Gale)
Mrs. David E. Maurer (Katherine)
Mrs. Gerri Elmore
Mrs. Phil H. Fairchild (Jane)
Mrs. Ross E. Mowry (Gladys)
Mrs. B.A. Dobbins (Polly)
Mrs. John F. Ginestra (Lib)

2022 Board of Directors

President: Caralyn Foster
Vice President: Sabrina Farmer
Treasurer: Carla Greenlaw
Asst. Treasurer: Jennifer Braverman
Recording Secretary: Jeanne Del Vecchio
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Scott Canada
Nominating: Zoey Given
Membership Chair: Samantha Soreide
Asst. Membership Chair: Jen Ashlin
Director: Christine Fingado
Director: Heather Shaw
Past President: Melissa Osceola DeMayo
Privileged Rep: Valerie Harvey

2022 Members

Mrs. Jennifer Ashlin
Ms. Nancy Banks
Mrs. Tammy Berger
Mrs. Jen Bergman
Ms. Mary Beth Boehm
Mrs. Anne Novick Branan
Mrs. Lynne Buhler
Ms. Melissa Cabrera
Ms. Mary Scott Canada
Mrs. Amanda Chanon
Mrs. Veronika Charland
Mrs. Elizabeth Ciborowski
Mrs. Lauren Cobb
Mrs. Rinear Coulter
Mrs. Ellen Dalton
Mrs. Amy Daly
Mrs. Jeanne Del Vecchio
Mrs. Melissa Osceola DeMayo
Mrs. Sandra Diaz-Corredor
Mrs. Tiffani Dhooge
Mrs. Sabrina Farmer
Mrs. Maria Feijoo
Mrs. Christine Fingado
Mrs. Caralyn Foster
Dr. Maria Gertz
Mrs. Zoey Given
Mrs. Faith Gladding
Ms. Hollie Gray
Mrs. Carla Greenlaw
Mrs. Karyn Greep

2022 Members

Ms. Dawn Hamilton
Mrs. Cindy Harkins
Mrs. Maggie King
Mrs. Beth Leahy
Mrs. Ashley Palmer Lindsay
Mrs. Jennifer Little
Mrs. Jeanene Lopez
Ms. Kara Lundgren
Mrs. Michelle Lyman
Mrs. Christina McGuire
Mrs. Nicole McKenney
Mrs. Anita Soni Mutyala
Mrs. Christine O’Loughlin
Mrs. Suzanne “Susie” Petrillo
Mrs. Sarah Regensdorf 
Mrs. Tanya Remy
Mrs. Suzanne Revis
Mrs. Jennifer Rimel-Braverman
Mrs. Lynne Rizzo
Mrs. Samantha Sarji
Mrs. Calla Scully
Mrs. Maria Selwood
Mrs. Shelley Senecal
Mrs. Heather Shaw
Mrs. Samantha Soreide
Mrs. Jennifer Brafman Staffen
Mrs. Beatriz St. Romain
Mrs. Lori Suarez
Mrs. Julie Tolar
Mrs. Itzamar Venegas

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Giving from the heart —making a difference since 1952.

2022 Board of Directors

President: Caralyn Foster
Vice President: Sabrina Farmer
Treasurer: Carla Greenlaw
Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Braverman
Recording Secretary: Jeanne Del Vecchio
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Scott Canada
Nominating Chair: Zoey Given
Membership Chair: Samantha Soreide
Assistant Membership Chair: Jen Ashlin
Director: Heather Shaw
Director: Christine Fingado
Past President: Tammy Berger
Privileged Representative: Valerie Harvey

Financial Information

The Charity Guild of Fort Lauderdale is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; our federal tax identification number is 65-0109358. A copy of our official registration and financial information may be obtained by contacting the Florida Division of Consumer Services at 800-435-7352 (provide CH #1124) OR GOING TO WWW.FRESHFROMFLORIDA.COM Registration with the State of Florida does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.


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